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Additional Technical Requirements for Pipes & Fittings

Additional Technical Requirement for Pipes & Fittings Along with the technical requirements for the piping components, the requisition engineer has to include the inspection & testing, marking & colour coding and packing & preservation requirements in the inquiry requisition. Requisition engineer has to collate all the inspection &testing requirement for the piping components from the project specification & finalize the ...

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Technical Requirements for Pipes & Fittings

Technical requirements for Pipes & Fittings While preparing the inquiry/purchase requisition of any piping component there are many points which are to be checked and confirmed with the vendor. It is the responsibility of the requisition engineer to include all the technical points & clauses applicable to the piping components in the inquiry & the subsequent technical queries. The requisition ...

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Underground Piping (U/G) and Types of Underground System- Part 1

Underground Piping (U/G) The piping system is taken underground generally for the utility services like cooling water supply to various units and cooling water return to cooling tower for line sizes normally 18 inch NB and above, other water services with big pipeline sizes, big oil supply lines and various sewer systems in the process units of the chemical, petrochemical ...

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Classification of Valves Used in Piping Systems

Valves exceed any other piping component. Estimates reveal that a substantial portion, approximately 8-10%, of the total capital expenditure of the chemical process industry is used for the procurement of valves. In terms of the number of units also. Hence, proper thought should be given for the selection of valves. The first step in the selection is to determine exactly what function the valve ...

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