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PDMS – Example of Stretch/Trim using ID P-Point

In the previous post we saw how Stretch/Trim Functions in PDMS Equipment Modelling works in PDMS. Here is an example of Stretch/Trim using ID P-Point- The present saddle height of the equipment from the centerline of the vessel is 1300mm. The saddle height is increased to 1500mm. So the saddle height needs to be increased by 200mm. Step 1: Check ...

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Stretch/Trim Functions in PDMS Equipment Modelling

Stretch/Trim Functions in PDMS Equipment Modelling One of the important activities of the PDMS designer is to keep the Equipment updated as per the latest revision of the Equipment drawing. There are many instances in which the dimensions of the equipment get revised & the equipment modelled in PDMS has to be updated as per these changes. The model can ...

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Equipment Modeling Using PDMS- Primitives And Templates

Previously I gave a PDMS overview in this post. Here I will take you through the equipment modelling using PDMS. An application is supplementary program that has been tailored to provide easy control of operations that are specific to a particular discipline. The applications you will use for design work are: General Equipment Pipework Cable Trays HVAC Designer Structures Beams ...

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Hierarchy in PDMS: World, Site, Zone

Hierarchy in PDMS (Plant Design Management System): World, Site, Zone In the previous post, we saw the PDMS overview. I will cover WORLD, SITE, ZONE aspects in PDMS software developed by Aveva Plant to create 3D models. Before anyone starts modeling in the design module of PDMS, he should be well acquainted with the concept of hierarchy in PDMS i.e. WORLD, SITE ...

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Plant Design And Management System PDMS – An Overview

PDMS Overview

Table of contents: 1. Features Of PDMS 2. How PDMS is organized 3. Different Modules In PDMS Plant design management system (PDMS) and it’s related application provides a powerful suit of facilities for the creation analysis documentation of a real-life plant in three dimensional representation in a logically interconnected system. 1. Features Of Plant Design And Management System (PDMS) Concurrent ...

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Tower Piping: Center for Equipment Layout

Tower Piping: Center for equipment layout    A tower is usually a major part of a designer’s area. It is advisable to treat it as a central piece of equipment and extend the design around this center. Columns, towers and vertical vessels are to be arranged in a row with a common centerline if of similar size. If, however, diameters ...

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Underground Piping (U/G) Piping – Part 2

While developing &preparing the underground piping layout there are different components and terms that would be used and referred in the drawings. Some of the common terms used are explained below: 1.     Catch Basin This device is used to collect surface drainage with an outlet liquid seal and sediment trap. The sketch Fig 1 illustrates a typical catch basin feature ...

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Pipe Rack Piping Study

Pipe rack piping study: My this post explains the steps required to be performed for carrying out pipe rack piping study. General arrangement of the piperack is finalized during the development of the overall plot plan. The piperack may be an integral part of a process unit located in the middle of the unit or it may be an arterial ...

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Piping Layout Drawings Abbreviations and Legends

Whenever you start reading a piping drawing or document, you can see many abbreviations on these drawings/documents. Many abbreviations are common and are regularly used in the drawings but few of the abbreviation are new and unique for a particular drawing. Sometimes it happens that there are abbreviations mentioned on drawing/documents but the legend explaining the actual meaning of the ...

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Piperack: A Structure for Routing Pipes in the Plant

Pipe rack example 2

In a chemical plant pipes run from one unit to another unit, lines coming from outside facilities etc. The structure which used for these purpose is termed as Piperack. So while preparing the plot plan for a plant one of the most important activity is to plan the piperack through which the piping has to run from one unit to ...

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