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  1. I want a foundation calculation & dyke wall calculation..

  2. Hi Alpesh,

    Below posts may help you-

    Dyke Wall Height Calculation, Piping Layout for Tank Farm-

    Tank farm: Types, Design Considerations, Plot Plan Arrangement, Dyke Enclosure-

  3. Arijanto E Pratomo

    Dear Admin.

    I cannot find other email from you except the email that I have to click it. But after I did it, still this page shown and it is said that you will send an email but I did not receive it.
    Please advise.

    Best Regards.
    Arijanto E Pratomo.

  4. very high knowledge gaining effort . keep it up.


    can i get Hierarchy which related to PDMS

  6. Hi Sir,

    i am new to Autocad Piping designing field. I dont Knoe about Nozzle Orientation Calculation….could you help me..Sir…..

  7. Can any body please tell me about how to learn about the piping documents like P&ID,MTO,PMS.

  8. I need more info. on limitation of rubber lining like pipe size and length.

  9. sir ,

    actually our project in fire facilities in oil refineries . sir , can u send details about how its working of floating roof tank & how to extinguish the fire in floating roof tank. i need details about with specification about cone roof tank , floating roof tank , fixed roof tank with diagram…
    plz sir send d details

  10. hello

    i need information of heat exchanger piping routing and routing considerations.

  11. Thank you admin, for providing such a good information. you are helping lot of engineers.

  12. Hey guys… awesome work

  13. Rostam Yazdani Biouki

    This is perfect.

  14. Excellence and very informative for day to day application and reference

  15. Could someone give me piping layout of flare system.

  16. Thank you for your valuable information

  17. Dear Friends,
    I need a source for minimum equipment clearances in petrochemical plant. any standard or guide?

  18. Thanks for share

  19. Thanks for valuable information

  20. Hi,

    Please give a link for stress analysis. I have read your articales loads, load combination and critical line list preparation. if anything is there please send it.
    Thanks and regards,
    R Kannan

  21. Agbonta Daniel Ojieh

    Thanks for information shared

  22. Thanks for information about tank and dyke

  23. Hello,

    Good day to All!!!

    I am really grateful to my friend for suggesting me this site for all the references and query.
    I would like to congratulate the team who is behind this site.

    Thanks & Best regards!!

  24. Find the information very valuable exactly to the point.
    I sincerely appreciate this team of experts.

  25. I found very valuable information for me,

  26. Magdy Helmy Badie

    Thanks for the valuable information

  27. Dear, Admin.

    Thanks for your kind approval .To share information with others that is wonderful.
    I have got useful notes from your site. A lot of thanks.

    Abu baker

  28. Mohi-eddin HDIDI

    Dear, Admin.
    thank you for your kind approval.

  29. Thanks your post is educative.

  30. thank you good information

  31. APELI Boloukiye Edmond

    Thank you for the good information

  32. a good educative site!very helpful & reliable,thank you!

  33. I appreciate your valuble work and contribution to ervery engineer of piping section.a good education site.

  34. quick reference for engineering. this is very helpful. thank you.

  35. sean very useful

  36. Thanks for your consideration, have been looking for this sort of platforms for a while.

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