Check List for Piping Layouts

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  1. This checklist is intended for checking of layout drawings extracted from 3D CAD models.
  2. As a minimum, the checklist shall be completed for the first issue of the layout drawing.
  3. Items like Fire and Gas detectors and other E, I & T items (e.g. JBs, switch boards, lighting fittings, etc.) need not be shown in Piping Layouts.
Sr. No Check Points Y/N Remarks
1 Plant North is shown.
2 Grade and paving levels and paving extents are shown. (Dimensions of paving not required.)
3 Equipment and instrument tag nos. are indicated as per P&ID.
4 All equipments are shown with locating coordinates/dimensions and elevations (centerline, BTL, u/s of base plate, etc.).
5 All equipment nozzles and vendor package terminal points are clearly identified and tagged.
6 All tie-in points and battery limits are clearly identified and tagged and coordinates/elevations are indicated.
7 All lines are identified by line numbers and major locating dimensions & elevation are given.
8 Flow directions and slope symbols are indicated as per the P&IDs.
9 All secondary pipe supports (standard & special) are indicated and tagged and the locating dimensions marked.
10 All primary pipe supports are identified by appropriate symbols (e.g. guide, axial stop, etc.).
11 Laydown/dropdown areas, space for exchanger tube removal and maintenance access areas are identified.
12 All buildings/shelters/technological structures are located with coordinates/dimensions. Names/tag nos and overall dimensions are given.
13 Structural grid numbers of pipe racks, buildings and shelters are shown.
14 Piperacks and sleepers are shown with locating coordinates/dimensions, widths, TOS elevations and tag numbers (if applicable).
15 The cross sections of piperacks, multi-level technological structures, culverts, etc., are shown wherever required.
16 All platforms and ladders/staircases are located with dimensions and elevations are marked.
17 The drawing border conforms to the Project specifications or Company standards, as applicable.
18 Drafting conventions e.g. font types/sizes, text styles, line types, coordinate/dimension styles, layer structure, etc. are as per the Project specifications or Company CAD standards, as applicable.
19 Drawing title, drawing number and revision number in the title block are as per the TDR.
20 Electronic file name is indicated at appropriate location on the drawing.
21 Revision block contains initials of the originator, checker and approver (both Discipline & Project).
22 Drawing scale is stated in the title block and graphic scale (bar scale) is shown.
23 The drawing scale conforms to the Project specifications or Company standards, as applicable.
24 All general notes are checked and the units for dimensions, coordinates & levels are given in the notes.
25 Legend for applicable symbols is shown (e.g. pipe supports, new/existing facilities, demolition, scope cloud, etc.).
26 Reference drawing numbers and titles are listed and checked. List shall include unit plot plan and piping key plan as a minimum.
27 Status stamp (e.g. “For Construction”) is shown.
28 Revision clouds, along with revision number triangles are marked properly, if applicable.
29 “Hold” clouds, if applicable, are properly marked and the list of “Holds” is indicated.
30 Key plan is shown and the applicable area/unit of the plot plan is highlighted.
31 Match line co-ordinates and drawing limits are clearly marked and are consistent with the Key Plan drawing. Continuation drawing numbers are correctly written.
32 Drawing extracted from 3D CAD model is not manually edited.
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