3D Modelling/Environment for Plant Design

 3D modelling/environment for Plant Design:

In today’s design world, majority of the project are executed using 3D environment. In 3D environment the project plant is modelled as per the actual dimensions using a 3D software. In the 3D software there are applications to model equipments & facilities into the software used by all different disciplines in the project involving Piping, Equipment, Electrical, Instrumentation etc. This helps to generate an integrated 3D model including all the facilities involved in the project.

There are various advantages of using 3D environment:

  • Using 3D software you can model all the piping, equipment, civil/structural, electrical, instrumentation, HVAC & safety components involved in the project.
  • The actual plant which is going to be constructed at site is developed at the design contractor engineering office using a 3D software.
  • 3D model helps the design contractor to conduct timely review sessions with the client team to check if the design work is carried out fulfilling the below aspect as per project specification.
    1. Detailed design of plant
    2. Access provision for operation
    3. Maintenance access provided & carry-out material handling study
    4. Erection & installation requirement
    5. Drop object study carried out
  • 3D model facilitates to carry out clash checks for the different discipline involved in the project.
  • 3D model has the facility to extract material take-off for all disciplines form the model which can be utilised for procurement.
  • 3D model is used to produce Equipment layout, Piping Layout & Support layout drawings which will be issued to site for construction.
  • With 3D model you can extract isomeric for piping lines which are issued to site for construction, GRE or Lined pipe vendor for his design & stress analysis.
  • Drawing for individual support for piping, trays & ducts can be extracted for the model.
  • Also from some 3D software, model file for stress critical lines can be generated which can be directly imported in CAESAR II software to carry out the stress analysis for those particular lines.

To create 3D model, there are different softwares available. Below listed are some popular ones:

  1. PDMS – Plant design & Management software developed by AVEVA PLANT
  2. PDS- Plant design software developed by INTERGRAPH CORPORATION
  3. SP3D-Smart Plant 3D developed by INTERGRAPH CORPORATION
  4. Autoplant developed by BENTLEY
  6. Cadmatic 3D plant design developed by CADMATIC