Equipment Modeling Using PDMS- Primitives And Templates

Previously I gave a PDMS overview in this post. Here I will take you through the equipment modelling using PDMS.

An application is supplementary program that has been tailored to provide easy control of operations that are specific to a particular discipline. The applications you will use for design work are:

  • General
  • Equipment
  • Pipework
  • Cable Trays
  • HVAC Designer
  • Structures
    • Beams & Columns
    • Panels & Plates
    • Walls & Floors
    • Access, Stairs & Ladders
  • Design Templates
  • Cabling System
Equipment modelling

Equipment modelling

Equipment Modeling

In any project, different equipment are required as per the process requirement. These equipment are general shown in P&ID which specific symbol. The layout engineer & designer are responsible for locating all the equipment in the plot plan as per the process, maintenance, operation & safety requirements. PDMS designer than has to model this equipment at the location shown in the plot plan. PDMS designer has to model the equipment as per the mechanical vendor drawing received from static or rotating department.

Equipment modeling in PDMS can be done by two methods:

  • Using Primitives
  • Using Templates

Equipment Modeling Using Primitives

Primitives means different shapes or object which can be assembled together to create a required geometry of an equipment. These primitives can be modified to the required dimensions & orientation. The primitives can be created using Create>Primitives

Using primitives

Equipment modeling using primitives

The following primitives are available for equipment modelling in PDMS

So while modelling equipment using primitives you have check the equipment drawing and decide which primitives are to be used for creating the 3D view of the equipment.

Example of Equipment Modeling Using Primitives:

Modeling a horizontal vessel

Equipment modeling a horizontal vessel

Equipment modeling a horizontal vessel

The above horizontal vessel can be modeled in PDMS using the primitives shown in the figure below

Equipment Modeling Using Templates

An equipment template is a collection of primitives that make up the equipment shape grouped together under a template. There are many templates of standard equipment available in the PDMS database which can be used depending upon the requirement.

Templates can be created using Create>Standard Equipment

Equipment modeling using templates

Equipment modeling using templates

Example of Equipment Modeling Using Templates:

The horizontal vessel shown in the above example can also be modeled using standard template.

Using Create>Standard Equipment open the required template as shown below

Click on to Properties button in the Create Equipment form. This opens the Modify Properties form where you can input the dimensions of the equipment as per the requirement. After completing the inputs of all dimensions click on to OK. Finally click on to the Apply button in the Create Equipment form, this will create the required equipment.

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