PDMS: Example of Mirror Copy Function

Here is an example of Mirror Copy function in PDMS:

The Equipment V-1001/A currently has one elbowed nozzle N2 at a distance of 1150mm west from the center of the equipment. One new elbowed nozzle N4 of same size and specification is to be added 1150mm east from the centerline of the equipment.

Since the new nozzle is of the same specification and size but the mirror of the existing nozzle N2 we can use Mirror copy command to create the new nozzle. Below are the steps to be executed.

Step 1:

Make Equipment V-1001/A the CE (current element) in the hierarchy tree.

Step 2:

Make elbowed nozzle N2 the CE (current element) in the hierarchy tree.

Step 3:

Measure the distance of the elbowed nozzle N2 from the centerline of the equipment.

Step 5:

To create a copy of the nozzle using mirror copy function got to Create>Copy>Mirror….

Step 6:

The Mirror form as shown below will be displayed with direction axes at the origin of the equipment.

Step 7:

Since the new elbowed nozzle N4 is to be located to east of the existing nozzle N2. Change the plane direction to east by typing E in the plane direction box.

Step 8:

Click Apply button to execute the function. This will create one new nozzle & prompt you to Confirm whether to Retain created copies?.

Since the created copies are as per the requirement we will click Yes in the Confirm form.

Step 9:

Once the Mirror function is executed close the Mirror form by clicking Dismiss in the form.

Step 10:

Subequipment created using the Mirror function is without any name. We have to name them using the Modify name function.

Make Subequipment to be rename the CE (current element) in the hierarchy tree & than go to Modify>Name…


Step 11:

Enter the name of the Subequipment in the Name box beginning with forward slash “/”. In the next box select Re-name all and then click Apply. This will rename the equipment.

In this example we need to rename the CE to N4_Elbow_Nozzle so enter /N4_Elbow_Nozzle in the Name box & click Apply button in the form.

Step 12:

The equipment will be renamed as required. Close the Name form by clicking Dismiss in the form.


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  1. How to get or restore output file in pdms again ?? Any procedure plz explain ??