Isolation Valves: Ball Valve Used in Process Industry

Ball valve

Introduction to Ball Valve- An Isolation Type of Valve The ball valve is normally used as positive shut off valves. The positive shut off is attained because of the soft seats. Special design is also available with ball having shaped port for  regulation. Metal seated ball valves are also available for high temperature service. They are also considered as quarter turn ...

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Isolation Valves: Gate Valves Used in Piping Systems

Gate valve

Introduction to Gate Valves Gate valves (GV) are specifically used in isolation applications in various piping systems. And they operate in the fully opened or fully closed positions. Like other isolation types of valves like ball valve, plug valve, piston valve, diaphragm valve, butterfly valve, pinch valve,  gate valves are also isolation valves. Gate valves are multi-purpose bi-directional shutoff valves for commercial and ...

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Classification of Valves Used in Piping Systems

Valves exceed any other piping component. Estimates reveal that a substantial portion, approximately 8-10%, of the total capital expenditure of the chemical process industry is used for the procurement of valves. In terms of the number of units also. Hence, proper thought should be given for the selection of valves. The first step in the selection is to determine exactly what function the valve ...

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Piping Layout Drawings Abbreviations and Legends

Whenever you start reading a piping drawing or document, you can see many abbreviations on these drawings/documents. Many abbreviations are common and are regularly used in the drawings but few of the abbreviation are new and unique for a particular drawing. Sometimes it happens that there are abbreviations mentioned on drawing/documents but the legend explaining the actual meaning of the ...

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Piping: Hot Dip Galvanization and Electro-Galvanization

Galvanization (or galvanisation) is the process of applying a protective zinc coating to steel or iron, in order to prevent rusting.In few services care should be taken to avoid rusting of the pipeline as it might be hazardous to personnel, cause damage, malfunction of  equipment, instrument, etc. so for that reason the piping is galvanized. The most commonly used methods ...

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Pipe Flanges: Based on Pipe Attachment

Table of contents: Introduction to flange joint Classification of flanges based on pipe attachment 1.1) Slip-on flanges 1.2) Socket-Weld flanges 1.3) Screwed/Threaded flanges 1.4) Lap-joint flanges 1.5) Welding neck flanges 1.6) Blind flanges 1.7) Reducing flanges Introduction to flange joint Flange joint is one of the methods of pipe joints. Pipe flanges are classified in different ways based on pipe attachment, Pressure-Temperature (PT) rating, ...

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Piperack: A Structure for Routing Pipes in the Plant

Pipe rack example 2

In a chemical plant pipes run from one unit to another unit, lines coming from outside facilities etc. The structure which used for these purpose is termed as Piperack. So while preparing the plot plan for a plant one of the most important activity is to plan the piperack through which the piping has to run from one unit to ...

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Offshore Facilities: Platforms, Structures in Oil and Gas Piping Systems

Table of contents: 1. Fixed steel structures 2. Tension leg platforms 3. Semi-submersible vessels 4. Floating Production systems 5. Piping systems An offshore installation involved in production of Oil or Gas is termed as Platform.  Each of the offshore platform or structure is chosen primarily due to water depth considerations, and secondarily due to the intended service and quantity of deck ...

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Gaskets: Non-metallic, Semi-metallic, Metallic and Dimensional Standards

The function of gaskets is to interpose a semi-plastic material between the flange facings, the material which, through deformation under load seals the minute surface irregularities to prevent leakage of the fluid. Gaskets can be generally divided into three main categories as follows: Non-metallic Gaskets Semi-metallic Gaskets Metallic Gaskets 1. Non-metallic Gaskets: Usually composite sheet materials are used with flat face ...

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